How are Business women ruling the world?


Not so long ago, the idea of women ruling the world seemed quite ridiculous to many. They clearly lacked the intellectual capacity and emotional fortitude which were the key components to make difficult decisions that leadership required. This isn’t called being biased, it is how women were in the earlier times. However, that was a long time ago. Now, you’d find strong headed, spiritually lifted and exceptionally talented women in the world who can take and change the face industry.  The passage of time has made women emerge as a strong contenders in every possible field.

Now you’d find every organization or even every corner of the world welcoming the female gender to join them and be a part of their success. From Indra Nooyi, CEO and Chairperson of PepsiCo to U.S. Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton, the former eBay Chief and CEO of Hewlett-Packard, women have busted through almost every glass ceiling that have one held them down.

But, how do women rule the business world?

It Is A Woman’s Nature to Foster

The very first thing that most women do is to foster everyone who comes their way. They are encouraging, nurturing, supportive and counselors by nature, and that’s exactly why the employees working for them are quite satisfied with them. When they have the ability to pass on such characteristic traits to their employees, it definitely means that they too imbibe such qualities. The advantages of women ruling the industry would definitely mean that the consistent encouraging force with the fabulous way of networking and bringing others on the same board and much more.

Emotionally Attached to Their Work

Men would surely say that they are emotional. Well, that’s what works for them as they are emotionally attached to whatever they do and make sure that the outcome is worth applauding. Being systematic and passion-driven to give their best, women tend to be great employees as well as entrepreneurs. Not only this, the sense of dedication in anything they do is what makes them stand out in the crowd.

Can Multi-Task

None of us can deny the fact that women are fantastic when it comes to multi-tasking. Apart from being available for their workforce, they know how to handle their family, relationships as well as themselves while doing what they’re doing. They can shop for themselves as well as for the entire family not letting the standard going from high quotient to average. You can agree on this fact by noticing their speed of changing the color of their Gucci bags to match their Calvin Klein outfits, Prada heels, and other luxury brand accessories. Though they have a favorite of them all, but they can handle everything at some or the other point of time depending on the need.

The Ability to Notice Small Details

When the husband at home picks the wrong pair of socks, the wife notices and makes the change. Likewise, the ability to be picky in agendas, reports and more is what works for women when it comes being a businesswoman. While men can see the projects and budgets, women can find the minutest of faults in the same. What do you think?

Being a woman myself, I am quite driven by the successful women doing great all over the world. Take pride in being a woman- take pride in being yourself!!

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